When Sonia’s Guard Asked PM Manmohan to Vacate Chair for Sonia

During his tenure, Manmohan Singh was titled as the “Puppet PM” of Congress and many agreed on this. Sonia Gandhi was the real operator of the government and even took most of the decisions. She used to interfere in many government decisions.

Apart from that, she was treated with all the facilities that are meant only for Prime Minister or President. But no one ever questioned her, because she is the “official Rajmata” of Congress.

Even though Manmohan Singh was in power, he often chose to remain silent – that too on some serious national issues. Everyone used to mock him as silent PM. So, is this how Congress treat their important officials who are not from “Gandhi” family?

Despite being one of the intellectual personalities in India, Manmohan Singh was not given the power to control the nation. He just remained as the front face of the party, while the mastermind was someone else. Congress leaders will indeed deny this, but there are many incidents that show that Sonia was treated superior to the PM himself.

If you don’t believe us, check out the video given below. In the clip, you can clearly see how Sonia Gandhi’s security personnel asked former PM Manmohan Singh to vacate his seat for “Rajmata.” This video has recently been tweeted by a Twitter user to show what culture Congress had for their PM.


By: M Thakur on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017