Mamata Has Let Loose Jihadi Clerics; Now They Are Threatening Her. This one just did.

A recent video is now being circulated on social media platforms. In this video you will see a Muslim Cleric openly threatening a Hindu school principal, Hindu school committee members, law enforcement agencies, and even CM Mamata Banerjee. Sounds strange, but yes. (video below)

The incident took place in Uluberia, where Hindu Samhati volunteers had saved a high school in Uluberia from the clutches of around 500 Jihadis. Reports have suggested that the Principal of the school played a major role in this struggle.

After the incident, the Jihadis in Uluberia, West Bengal threatened the school Principal with dire consequences in full public view. They have also openly challenged Rapid Action Force (RAF) and Mamata Banerjee. According to them, neither RAF nor Mamata will be able to stop them. Or does he mean that they have silent approval of Mamata Bannerjee? 

On the name of ‘Allah’ this one Islamic ‘expert’ is asking people to join hands and harass a school principal for not allowing their religious celebrations be held on school premises continually for several days. And people are happily in agreement with him. Pathetic.

Mamata will regret this very soon. She will regret her actions and her indifference to ongoing atrocities against the Hindus. Islamic radicals that she is protecting right now, will in no time get out of her hands. And when it comes to that, a new president in office, elected by the NDA will have zero hesitation in imposing president’s rule in West Bengal. Likelihood is very-very strong. Let us see.

By: Priya on Thursday, December 29th, 2016

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