How was life of Lt. Gen. A A K Niazi after surrendering East Pakistan to India?

After being taken as a prisoner of war he was expatriated to Pakistan on 30 April 1975.

In Pakistan he was dishonored from his military service after confessing at the war inquiry commission.The War Commission leveled accusations against him of violating the human rights, supervising the smuggling goods during the Indian supported civil war in East as well as held him morally responsible of military failure during the course of the war.

His three-star rank was eventually reduced to Major General, a two-star rank, but was dismissed from the service in July 1975. All his medals were withdrawn.

He was also denied his military pension and medical benefits, though he lodged a strong complaint against revoking of his pension. In 1980s, the Ministry of Defence quietly changed the status of “dismissal” to “retirement” but did not restore his rank. The change of order allowed Niazi to seek pension and medical assistance benefits enjoyed by the retired military personnel.

He was also noted for making audacious statements like:

“Dacca will fall only over my dead body”.

According to Pakistani author, Akbar S. Ahmed, he had even hatched a far-fetched plan to “cross into India and march up the Ganges and capture Delhi and thus link up with Pakistan.”

As you can see he was a man with impossible ambitions which led to his downfall.


By: TIV Staff on Friday, February 9th, 2018