Kejriwal’s Former Friend Stands By His Revelations on Delhi CM’s Illicit Relationship with a Young Girl

In October this year, one of Arvind Kejriwal’s former friends, a colleague, who happened to be a journalist, made some shocking revelations.

He wrote about the illicit relationship that Arvind Kejriwal had with a girl named Shilpa (16 years younger than Kejriwal).

Aaptards at first ignored this story as just another ‘plant.’  They thought of it as fake news generated by some right wing social media guy. But wait, the guy who wrote this blog has now been interviewed by NewsGram news portal. Guess what? This guy stands by his story!

Kapil Bajaj (name not disclosed by NewsGram yet), says that he worked FULL TIME with Arvind Kejriwal from Nov 08 to Dec 09 (that’s a long time span, no?). The project at hand was about exploration of ‘local self government.’

Here’re the shocking revelations that this former friend of Arvind Kejriwal swears by (even now):

  1. He stands by his statement that he caught Arvind Kejriwal and Shilpa red-handed.

    It happened in Thiruvananthapuram, in 2008. Kejriwal, this friend of his, and others were there to study ‘Kerala’s People’s Planning in Democracy.’ Weird topic, really. So Arvind got busy.

I waited and couldn’t help seeing very clearly a part of the bed through the ample opening between the two leaves of the door.

My heart then skipped a beat as I saw both Shilpa and Kejriwal emerging from right side of the part of the bed that was visible to me and very quietly climbing off it; Kejriwal then hurriedly shoved her from behind towards the cupboard to the left of where I stood.

Both were clothed; Kejriwal was in his sleeping suit of kurta pyjama.

My heart was pounding.

The view through the opening in the double door was so clear that I feared Kejriwal’s gaze might have met mine if he hadn’t been in a hurry to hide Shilpa in the built-in cupboard.

It was an extraordinary sight.
2. Kejriwal met all financial needs of this young girl, he was in a relationship with. 
I remember Shilpa asking him for money and Kejriwal responding promptly to her request with currency notes of a large denomination.
3. Kejriwal was ‘kind’ to this girl when he became Delhi CM. 

Shilpa now chairs a statutory body of his government.

4. Bajaj became suspicious of Kejriwal’s ‘transparency.’

Who wouldn’t if your married friend hides someone in the cupboard and wants you to believe that ‘nothing is going on.’ At least be upfront about your morals, life values and stuff, man?!

Here’s what Bajaj wrote:

The Ramon Magsaysay award winning ‘social activist,’ whom I had witnessed being feted in Kochi the other day for promoting transparency, was engaged in some kind of secret bedroom farce with his own young colleague.

I felt as if I had willy-nilly threatened to violate the privacy of two people and reduced them to that ludicrous state.

Shilpa having been stowed safely away, Kejriwal opened the door for me and acted as if he had been resting.

I tried to overcome my own stunned state to brief him on my visit to the translator while he acted as normally and seriously as he could.

It was still a very awkward moment – I knew he was acting, he probably feared that I might have suspected something, and we both knew Shilpa was hiding in the cupboard.

Kejriwal then tried valiantly to inject some verisimilitude into that pretense by casually asking me:

‘Where is Shilpa?’

I mumbled my ‘ignorance’ and left the room.
5. Shilpa used to call Arivnd Kejriwal – Aaloo (आलू)

That’s all for now.

Things will get really interesting when this guy comes out of the hiding and asks newspapers to make his name public. That’d be a funny day for AapTards.

So Who is Kapil Bajaj?

In his own words… Delhi-based journalist, having worked for a business magazine and a news agency. Also worked as a researcher on local democracy and right to information for an NGO. Having left my latest employment at a magazine on governance, where I contributed to ideation and wrote on public policy from the perspective of common citizens, in September 2010, I am currently engaged in freelancing. At the NGO, I participated in a rare experiment in bringing face to face the people and their representatives and officials in the municipal bodies. At the business magazine, I wrote on finance, economy, business, education, healthcare, etc. At the news agency, my longest employer so far, I worked on the business and economy desk, but also did some news reporting and writing. I believe we Indians are going through a very slow but sure democratic awakening, which is due to greater flow of information. We must sustain this process of awakening and help each other out of ignorance. This ignorance enslaves us to the elite that currently handles the levers of power


By: KS Bharatiya on Saturday, December 31st, 2016

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