Journos talking against #NDTVRaid aren’t telling about 396 Cr fraud on ICICI Bank

A lot of journalists and so-called intellectuals are complaining on the social media that the Modi government is selectively targeting NDTV.
But, they aren’t mentioning NDTV’s financial crime.

NDTV’s boss wasn’t raided by the CBI today morning for their tireless propaganda for 15 years against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Their boss was raided in Delhi and Dehradun for their involvement in 396 Cr fraud on the ICICI bank.

Here are people complaining:

The fraud was first reported by journalist Akbar in December 2010.
Here’s a screenshot of the report (link to full story):

A recent one (link to full story):

Another one (link to full story): 

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By: KS Bharatiya on Monday, June 5th, 2017

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