Watch the first exclusive interview of Chandan Gupta’s father after Kasganj violence

Kasganj violence is being depicted as one of the goriest public outrage in recent times. In what was supposed to be a non-violent, peaceful Republic Day march, one youth lost his life with few others being grievously injured.

The incident took place on Republic Day, 2018. A youth named Chandan Gupta lost his life right after a scuffle took place between two distinct communities. While different things are being said by different people on the Chandan Gupta murder case, let’s hear it from the father of Chandan Gupta himself on who his son really was.

Just like any other young Indian, Chandan, too, was a devout nationalist. His father Sushil Gupta recalls how his son would smear himself in colors of the Tiranga on every Independence and Republic Days, and how he and his friends would roam about the entire town carrying the Tricolor. All these seem pretty normal to them till 26/01/18 came into their lives.

According to Sushil Gupta, Chandan and his friends had been on a peaceful bike rally when a certain group of people debarred them from entering a specific area. Tension arose from there and the rest is all known to everyone. Here’s a special interview of Sushil Gupta, who recounts this terrible massacre on his family. You may watch it here –

कासगंज मामले पर चंदन गुप्ता के पिता का इंटरव्यू | News Tak​

कासगंज मामले पर चंदन गुप्ता के पिता का इंटरव्यू | News Tak

Posted by News Tak on 5 ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2018

What do you think about this interview? Don’t you think the anti-national elements in our society must check their ways now? Do you think the government must take immediate action against the murders of Chandan Gupta? Please share your voice on this issue in the comments section below.

By: Shah on Monday, February 5th, 2018