Businessmen Shuts Rajdeep Sardesai For Fielding Tricky Political Questions

With Chattisgarh elections going on in full-form, and Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan elections knocking on the door, the stage is yet again set for a power-packed show-off between the two major parties of India – the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party and the opposition Congress party. In fact, the upcoming Madhya Pradesh election is being upheld as a battle between the parties before the mammoth General Assembly elections scheduled for April, 2019.

While the party leaders and members are busy championing the causes for their parties in full form, there are several agencies and people who are campaigning for Congress party free of cost. One of the names to top the list is no one else’s but Rajdeep Sardesai’s. The famous journalist has once again hit the streets of Indore, asking the small business holders about their voting choice. However, contrary to what Sardesai would have want, almost all the businessmen vouched their support towards none other than PM Modi once again amidst all the odds created by the oppositions.

It is no hidden truth that Madhya Pradesh’s economical condition has improved a lot after Shivraj Singh Chouhan came to power. So, it is quite understandable that the people of MP will vote for their hero rather than to Rahul Gandhi, who is just being made a hero of sorts by the media. Please watch the video below to know how people have been lending their relentless support to BJP, much against the wishes of Sardesai. Take a look –

By: Shah on Tuesday, November 20th, 2018