Indira Gandhi’s stand on Refugees was same as of Modi’s on Rohingyas – Congress Exposed

The issue of Rohingya Muslims has become a serious matter for the nation. Population of Rohingya Muslims who came to Jammu has gone over 70 thousand with a blink of an eye and no one even noticed it. Now reports are also coming that many of them are the Lashkar trained terrorists. Isn’t it a serious security threat for the country.

After analyzing the situation government took a tough stand and strictly blocked the entry of Rohingyas. Governement deporting approx. 40000 Rohingyas from India.

Now it was obvious for Liberals to jump in the scene and attack Modi government and demanded asylum for Rohingyas. Congress party also got an opportunity to criticize Modi government.

Congress leaders supported the agitation and favoured the demand of the asylum for the Rohingyas. Congressparty leaders Sanjay Nirupam, Digvijay Singh, and Shashi Tharoor delivered speech after speech on this issue.

But leaders of Congress completely forgot about Indira Gandhi’s stand on this issue. They completely involved themselves in doing politics ignoring how harmful the issue is for the nation.

During 1971 period, many Bangladeshi Muslims infiltrated into India and they became the security threat. Listen to what Indira Gandhi did to them.

By: TIV Staff on Saturday, September 30th, 2017