Twitter user was against the glorification of the Indian Navy; Then, Harbhajan Singh shuts him up

Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh is known as the turbanator for not just for his smashing deliveries. He also comes across as one such cricketer and celebrity who does not mince his words a bit while presenting his views – be it on-field or on social media. A glimpse of this carefree attitude came across on Monday, December 4, when he gave a befitting reply to a Twitter user, who tried to mend his statement and advise him.

The war of words started when Harbhajan took to his Twitter account to congratulate and thank the Indian Navy for all their effort to keep us safe and sound amid all conditions on the event of the 70th Navy Day.

Harbhajan wrote –

On #NavyDay, let us take some time to appreciate the efforts of the @indiannavy. They’ve made our lives easy and safe. A big salute to them!! Jai Hind.

While many Twitter users reiterated Harbhajan’s words and congratulated the Indian Navy for their efforts, there was one user who advised Harbhajan not to laud the Indian Navy so much just for doing their duty.

The Twitter user wrote:

Just let them do their job and stop glorifying people for doing their duty.

While many celebrities would have just chosen to ignore the user for his ill words, Harbhajan chose to shut him up for once and all.

Slamming the user for his anti-national attitude, the turbanator wrote in reply –

Learn to appreciate good work first then u will know about the duty.. do u know what’s ur duty ?? Just see their duty what they do…they protect us salute to them.. and jokers like u shame on you.

Sure, the Indian Navy is doing their duty – but how many people abide by all the rules and regulations imposed on them in the name of duty, especially when the duty requires them to even lay their lives for their nation?

What do you think about Harbhajan Singh’s comment? Do you think he gave the most fitting reply to the Twitter user? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

By: Shah on Thursday, December 7th, 2017