Crackers on Diwali causes pollution. Crackers on B’day, Marriage & New year Celebration releases oxygen

Indian cricketers are often seen quite active on social media making the most use of it, especially during festive occasions like Diwali. For instance, some of them tweet not to burn crackers during Deepawali to send messages to the fans, but on the other hand, they themselves are seen celebrating the festival with burning crackers. Isn’t it a big hypocrisy that they themselves don’t follow their words?

Here’s what Aakash Chopra tweeted against fireworks when one Twitter user asked him “How to make a 3-year-old toddler understand the bad effects of Fireworks?”

But when it was New Year, Aakash Chopra was seen celebrating the fireworks in Australia and was in full praise of the splendid “Loss to the environment”.

Even Yuvraj Singh tweeted against the use of Crackers. He came out with this message on Twitter:

But did the exact opposite on his wedding reception. That time he seems not to care about polluting the environment.

See this image is directly from the marriage Reception function of Yuvraj Singh:

We’re fed of this level of hypocrisy. Well, we can’t really force anyone to stop using firecrackers if they wish so. But spreading good messages to maintain a good public image and not following the same is a serious hypocrite mindset. We only suggest them to step out of this hypocritical state of mind and then preach others.

By: M Thakur on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017