Indian Special Forces Preparing For ‘Surgical Strike Part 2’ With hi-tech Weapons; Video

Recent reports have indicated that Indian Armed Forces are gearing up for another surgical strike, the only difference being this time they will be going ahead loaded with the finest hi-tech weapons and arms. The Modi government has allocated Rs 6000 crores to the armed forces in order to revamp their armor and give more power to the soldiers.

Out of this huge amount, Rs 5500 crores will be spent on 6 new aircraft while another Rs 300 crores will be spent on machine guns, rifles, grenade launchers etc.

And that’s not all; it is being said that the coast-guards, too, will get 6 new multi-mission aircraft. The Indian Air force will be getting another C17 carrier aircraft. (Scroll down to watch the video if you are in a hurry)

In other words, the armed forces will become a force to reckon with now. The new weapons will enable the armed forces to strike at any hour and achieve maximum success. The new weapons will allow them to destroy the airfields of enemies, to launch missiles from a bunker, and to cause maximum damage on the other side of the border.

If the government is actually planning a surgical strike part 2, from the looks of the same it seems the enemy will have a really tough time recovering this time.

By: Priya on Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

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