Indian Army Officers Promises To Family in Kashmir To Bring Back Their Son Who Joined Terror Group, back home

There might be a handful of people, like Kanhaiya Kumar of JNU, who continue to burst tirades over the Indian Army for no reason. However, the rest of the nation also have innumerable reasons to pay their respect to the guardians of our frontiers, who toil day in and day out for our security and peace of mind.

One of the reasons that demand your respect towards the Indian Army have been enumerated in this article, which talks about how an Indian Army jawan is literally praying to the Kashmiri families to not send any of the youths to join the militancy network in the valley. In a recent video that has gone viral across all the platforms of social media, an Army jawan can be seen urging locals to stop people from joining the terror outfits. Speaking about the repercussions of joining militancy groups, the jawan can be seen saying:

Just think about it, today I am here just to explain you this. That day everyone would be highly emotional and nobody would be in the condition to think properly. You have to think rationally. I am repeating it again and again that kind of situation shouldn’t even arise. I keep trying and assuring the families that we are with them and we are ready to bring back their son. But, if bullets are fired and this has already happened before, you know a number of encounters have happened.

Needless to say, such a noble gesture from the Indian Army has gained wows from all the sections of responsible society.

The jawan, further promising to protect each and every Indian from adversities, said:

And keeping this in mind I have come over here. In case such a situation arises, we don’t want to put other peoples lives in danger. We don’t want any innocent to be killed. So that people don’t protest because in such a situation they might lose their life, but you can help us with it (unclear) whatever action you decide to take, you can contact with our commander, you can talk to him he will be here.

You can watch the entire video here –

At an age and time, when certain people are busy spreading false notions about the Indian Army, it’s indeed wonderful how the Indian security forces keep on with their duties so loyally, turning a blind eye to all the anti-national forces. What do you think of this beautiful gesture? Please let us know in the comments section below.

By: Shah on Monday, November 12th, 2018