Hunger strike backfired; Sacked AAP Minister plays stunts and faints with a Code Word

Fake party, fake ministers and once again fake drama to get the attention. No comment on the level of stooping down by infamous Aam Admi Party. When nobody paid attention to Kapil Mishra’s 5-day long hunger strike, he thought of playing a stunt?

Well, whether the stunt went good or not, we shall see in upcoming events. But, in the one that happened, he acted or perhaps actually fainted while revealing his master Arvind Kejriwal’s crimes in a press conference. Earlier the close aide of Kejriwal, Kapil Mishra had suddenly become his rival and also been going on hunger strikes in order to disclose Kejriwal’s hidden agendas and corruption cases.

But unfortunately while doing this, Kapil Mishra – after showing the ‘code’ to the press – got fainted. Perhaps nobody would come to feed him like Anna Hazare as Aam Admi Party’s dramas have gone too far to fetch so much attention by people.

But, this one is way too much. Delhi will probably be going to become the best movie if APP’s going to play such stunts every other day.

By: Tabbu on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

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