See How Audience Embarasses Shashi Tharoor After He Asked Anti-Modi Question

While Narendra Modi is the most liked politician in the country right now, certain elements still want to keep trying to get an edge on him. And talking against him in the public is probably the best way to do it. This strategy doesn’t really seem to work right now, though!

Here we have another victim of the same, flop approach – Shashi Tharoor!

And the kind of lesson that the public has taught him this time is not going to be forgotten that easily. Amusingly, this happened live and people got it firsthand.

When Tharoor Asked “Are You Better Off Now Than 4 Years Ago When BJP Came into Power?” 

“Yes,” came the blunt reply from fully confident and composed audience! And you can not think of a worse scenario in terms of embarrassment among people, and that too live! Probably what Tharoor went through after this happened was a mix of dismay and regret!

Tharoor was addressing a live audience when this happened. In an attempt to persuade people to talk against Modi, he had asked if people were satisfied with the achievements of Modi government. Here, people preferred to think, conclude, and speak honest, and the rest is history!

Have a look how this happened:

Shashi Tharoor had asked the audience this question – “Are You Better Off Now Than 4 Years Ago When BJP Came into Power?” To Tharoor’s utter disappointment, while he was not even properly done with his question, the audience replied without wasting a second. And interestingly, not even a single person in the audience said a ‘No.’

The only words that echoed out there were – “Yes, Yes, Yes!” And in order to make up for this live embarrassment, Tharoor tried to manipulate the situation by saying, “If your answer is no… If your answer is no…If your answer is no…however…”

There came no ‘No’ however!


By: Sharma on Monday, February 12th, 2018