A house in Chennai has acquired India’s first ISO 9000 certification and here’s the reason behind it

The Surana family’s home in Chennai looks like a normal household. However, there’s something special in it that has made it an ISO 9000 certified household. The first in India.

The Surana’s have segregated the family into various groups – the eldest member of the family, the grandfather, has been designated as the “household head” whereas the grandmother is the “household representative” and the mother is the “management representative”. The other members of the family, which includes the father and the children, have been designated as “permanent customers”. The “temporary” customers are the guests, who may visit the house occasionally. All the guests are handed over with a customer feedback form along with a stipulated cup of tea, on which the guest has to respond with the level of satisfaction with the hospitality and the food.

You would be surprised to know that in this household everyone is a lawyer – right from the grandfather PS Surana to the grandmother, Leelavathi, the father, Vinod, and the mother, Rashmi. In an interview given to the Times of India, they said that the idea of ISO struck them in 2004, when they were working on the same on their familial law firm, Surana and Surana.

It is to be noted that the ISO is an international standard based on quality assurance and quality management, which are specifically developed and categorized to help companies effectively document the elements of quality system that may required an implementation to maintain an efficient quality system. They are not specific to any industry and can be implemented on companies irrespective of their sizes.

Every six months, an ISO team visits them for an ‘audit check’ – an inspection for quality control where everyone, including the staff, is interviewed Quality control is maintained.

You would further be surprised to know that the Suranas maintain their quality standards even during holidays: quality check is maintained through the entire process of going on a vacation – right from planning the itinerary to packing for the trip. However, the rules are relaxed once the entire family is out of Chennai on a holiday.

Source: TimesNowNews

By: Shah on Sunday, December 24th, 2017