This special gesture of Gujarat people towards the jawans on election duty will melt your heart

Thanks to the Indian Security Forces, we are able to sleep peacefully at night; we are able to go anywhere despite the ongoing tension between India and Pakistan at the border areas. Although we keep reiterating the same thing over and over again, we don’t think we do anything to make the Indian Security Forces feel special, do we?

Thanksto the celebrations of special “days” – such as the Army Day or the Air Force Day or the Navy Day – we do nowadays celebrate these heroes as well. But the celebrations are mostly relegated to sharing the same message over and over again on social media or, at best, posting a photograph of a martyred jawan.

However, this time, the jawans were indeed in for some treat in Gujarat. In what seemed to be a great show of gratitude, the residents of Jashodanagar in Ahmedabad organized a special garba event just for the jawans. The Gujarat assembly elections saw numerous jawans coming in from various parts of the country on special election duty. So, the residents of Jashodanagar organized this event to make them feel special.

Here’s a video snippet from the event, which saw numerous jawans getting up and dancing to the beats of the tune. Look how happy they seem.

These jawans leave their homes, their friends and family for months just to obey their duty and be with the country in times of need. They don’t think twice before laying their lives for people they do not even know exist. But we hardly do anything to make them feel special.

What do you think about the event organized by the residents of Jashodanagar? Don’t you think the jawans deserve similar events more often, just to make them feel loved and welcome in every part of the country? Please share your views with us.

By: Shah on Sunday, December 17th, 2017