Gaurav Pandhi Badly Trolled Over Maligning Nationalist’s Image To Save RaGa

Recently, Rahul Gandhi was being trolled on social media for entering his name on non-Hindu register before entering Somnath temple. This incident raised questions about Rahul Gandhi’s mother being Christan and his grandmother late Indira Gandhi, who was married to a Parsi, Feroze Gandhi. He just says that their family is devottee of Lord Shiva but their actions do speak something else. It was quite evident that his visit to the temple was just for the sake of gaining Hindu votes, despite what religion he follows. He would have been more appreciated if he revealed his actual religion himself.

After this incident not just RaGa himself, but his party leaders are also supporting him. Well, backing someone is not bad, but in order to do so one simply cannot malign the image of true Nationalists. But just to save the image of their master Rahul Gandhi, Congressmen may stoop low to any extent.

And this has been proved lately when Gaurav Pandhi, Convener of the IT Cell of the Delhi Congress, started sheering lies about Priti Gandhi, National Executive Member of BJP Mahila Morcha, and even raised questions about her ancestory. Pandhi didn’t hesitate even a bit to call Priti’s mother, a Muslim, and said that she is born to a practicing Muslim father and Hindu mother.

This is what Pandhi tweeted:

“Just a reminder — our infamous Godse follower @MrsGandhi’s mother was a Muslim, born to a practicing Muslim father and Hindu mother. She then married a Hindu (Priti ji’s father). Priti ji call herself Hindu, but has different yardsticks for others. Why tho?

In response to his vague tweet, Priti replied and even dared Pandhi to prove what he said. Here’s Priti’s tweet:

If Rahul chose to write his name in the Somnath Mandir register in the non-Hindu section, you will take out your anger & frustration by peddling lies about my ancestry? How will it help?
I dare you to give evidence about your claim & I will change my name from Priti to Pakeezah!

This began their twitter war:

After this Priti Gandhi shared legal documents about her grandfather. This clearly exposed Pandhi’s spiteful campaign against her just to earn proximity to his boss.

By: M Thakur on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017