Expose: It was Barkha Dutt who planted, trained, & wrote script for Gurmehar Kaur

In what seems to be the news of the day, it has been found out that it was Barkha Dutt who trained Gurmehar Kaur and even wrote script for her. In short, it is yet another trick played by the Leftist liberals and the presstitutes to make the Right look like the troublemakers.


Such theatrics have been the way of the world since 2014 – from Christians under attack in Vermula and the Dadri issue to Intolerance and Award Waapsi fiasco. And now, we have yet another liberal among us – Gurmehar Kaur.

But how can we say that Gurmehar Kaur is a part of the anti-BJP squad just based on one video? How can we say that the liberals and the presstitutes planted her? Here’s furnishing proper evidence to back our statement:

When the Dadri fiasco happened, the Bihar elections were just round the corner. And with the entire Dadri issue, intolerance debate and award waapsi fiasco, BJP lost the Bihar elections.

Cut to February, 2017. UP elections are going on and despite Congress and other parties, like SP and BSP, campaigning hard over numerous months, people are keen on having a new state government – a BJP government. In fact, according to the exit polls, BJP is leading in the elections. So, all the lefties and commies needed was a reason to defame the Right and Gurmehar Kaur have amazingly filled in this gap.

So, when the whole country was wondering who’s this Gurmehar Kaur and how did she suddenly come in and grab the limelight, the Right wingers knew who planted her and why! And while you were still getting to know her motive, there was Rana Ayyub pinpointing at this girl as the “ambassador for peace”!


Now, coming back to our point, let’s give you some evidence that she was planted by Barkha.

On May 2, 2015, Barkha Dutt interviewed Gurmehar Kaur and immediately sensed that she’s the perfect person who could be pitched against the Right. The talent that Barkha is, she must have simply assessed the little girl’s emotions and sentiments, and found in her the perfect ‘bakri’ to launch against the Right. In fact, she had done things like these before as well – through Pappu, Pappini, Kanhaiya, Hillary and even Udhav Thackeray – but failed to evolute anyone.

On May, 2016, Gurmehar Kaur was interviewed on Twitter by NDTV. Just have a look at the lines from the 2016 interview. Don’t these absolutely resonate with the lines of the video that Kaur came up with just a few days back? Needless to say, she was nicely trained by the leader presstitute:


Furthermore, we hear that Gurmehar was only 6-year-old when she tried to stab a woman in Burqa. Now, no matter what happens, a girl will never wish to kill anyone from other religion lest her family detests that religion wholeheartedly. So, looking from this point of view, doesn’t the video – where she feels sorry for her hatred as a 6-year-old – absolutely showcases Captain Mandeep Singh and his family in negative light as a family completely intolerant to the other religion? In short, Gurmehar’s family taught her to be anti-Muslim but it was Barkha who taught her to feel compassionate towards all! We are not saying this, here’s a proof of the same:


Anyway, we just think it is a fabricated story by Barkha – after all, sentiment is the best weapon to lure people!

Gurmehar’s heartfelt adoration for Arvind Kejriwal is not anything unknown also. Here’s a proof of the same:


Now, we can dismiss this as sheer fun but her favouring the leftist goons and slighting off ABVP as goons and perpetrator of violence on campus is something absolutely unacceptable. With placard in her hand promoting amiability between India and Pakistan, she was favoured by many. However, when a placard read “Pak didn’t kill my dad – war did”, she was slammed by many, and for liable reasons. Celebrities like Virender Sehwag, Yogeshwar Dutt and the likes stepped in as well but they were branded as “abusers” by the sickulers in Indian media.

Now, the oppositions are trying to promote Gurmehar as another Kanhaiya. But it is absolutely unfortunate to see the child of a martyr to be pushed into such a political war. Minister Kiren Rijiju asked the right question to all:

GurmeharNow, claiming that Pakistan did not kill her dad and slyly implying through Gurmehar that Hindus are intrinsically intolerant towards Muslims is a “card” amazingly played by the presstitutes and the sickulars involved in the fraud. And all these, just to make the UP elections go out of BJP’s hand. From using a little girl’s ignorance to concocting stories of alleged rape threats, the oppositions have done it all this time to defame Modi and BJP.

Truly SICK!

By: P Shah on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

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