French President Emmanuel Macron’s Homage To India After His Three-Day India Tour Is Heartwarming

The last time a world leader was touring India -the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – there was quite a bit of mayhem all around. The courtesy to this goes to his support to the Khalistani terrorist back in Canada. However, while his tour to India was a much publicized one, many would not know yet that the French President Emmanuel Macron made a tour to India with his wife recently without creating much ado about it.

The President of one of the leading European nations, Emmanuel Macron’s three-day tour to India was seemingly a quiet affair. On his trip, the French President visited the Taj Mahal and even Benaras. But what we loved the most about his trip is the no-frill air about himself when he went all praise about our country, not just how beautiful and exquisite it is but about how warm and courteous the people are.

There has been numerous world leaders who had come to India in the past, but with such warm words and beautiful gesture, President Macron surely won our hearts. Here’s a look at the video where President Macron thanks the people of India – us – for all the love and affection. Please take a look

As you can see, the tweet was made by President Macron himself and posted in his Twitter account to spread love between the two countries. There was no media coverage since nothing sensational was there to cover.

What do you think about President Macron’s words? Don’t you think his words just resonate with us? Please share your views with us in the comments section below.

By: Shah on Tuesday, March 13th, 2018