Congress IT Head Shares Morphed Pic To Defame BJP in Karnataka..!!

With the General Elections as well as the Karnataka Elections just round the corner, all the major political parties of India are seemingly doing their best to tighten their grip over the land. Needless to say, the prime opposition party of India, Congress is also keeping no stone unturned to make their presence felt among all.

However, in spite of working hard towards the betterment of the society – which will naturally make their presence felt in and across India – they are trying out all stupid strategies which entwine on making fun of the ruling party to win elections. The latest one came from their IT head Divya Spandana.

The actress-turned-politician took to her Twitter account to morph an image of a Kannada newspaper to demean and humiliate BJP. Here’s what she wrote –

Needless to say, she was criticized left and right for doing such an untoward thing. Nobody could find any trace of sarcasm in her tweet and trolled her.

It may be noted here that the same Divya Spandana, who is laughing over a forged “news” had, a few days ago, criticized PM Modi for apparently spreading lies and fake news. Here’s the tweet –

Don’t you think the Congress party members should now think twice before taking any step against the ruling party as hypocrisy abound in them? Don’t you think Divya Spandana should try and mend the policies of her own party rather than putting up forged images on Twitter and laughing over trifles? Please express your thoughts in the comments section below.


By: Shah on Wednesday, April 18th, 2018