Daal Costs Rs 170 – Congress MP Once Again Caught Red-Handed Spreading Lies

The Indian National Congress might have had ruled over India for over numerous decades now yet when it comes to the ground realities of India, they are still in the dark. The General Assembly elections in India are fast approaching and all the major parties of the country has seemingly buckled up to campaign for it. While the other parties are finding good platform to focus their campaigns on, the Congress has been playing odd balls seemingly from Day 1.

The newest fanatic trying to take a dig at the ruling BJP was Congress MP for Rajya Sabha Kumari Shailja. Recently, during a press conference, Kumari Shailja tried to take a dig at the BJP quoting the recent price hikes in pulse. According to her, the cost of pulses have gone exceedingly high, causing trouble to the common households. While her argument would definitely have rang some good ears, she made a terrible faux pas by once again not checking the ground reality. She addressed the press saying that daal now costs Rs 170, which is of course not the truth. And when the press asked her what kind of daal it was, she was dumbfounded. She literally had no word to describe her plight. Please take a look at what happened to her in the press conference –

It may be noted that the Congress and other opposition parties have recently been taking a lot of flak at the ruling BJP pertaining to the obnoxious price hikes in fuel, including cooking gas, which is a necessity in every household. Furthermore, the falling valuation of the Indian currency as against the US dollar is prompting the opposition parties to take a dig at BJP all the more though the Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, has assured that it is a global calamity and that no domestic reason is associated with it.

By: Shah on Wednesday, September 12th, 2018