Leaked Video Exposes Congress IT Head Ramya Openly Asking Volunteers to Create Fake Accounts

Ramya aka Divya Spandana is the Social Media Head of Congress party. Here’s a video where she is seen asking Congress workers to create fake social media accounts in a seminar.

However, sensing a scheming plot in her advice, one of the Congress workers asked:

Is it ok (ethical) to create multiple social media accounts.

To this, she said it is absolutely fine. You shall be able to see this in the video clip furnished belo. It is to be noted that Ramya is one of the most vocal critics of PM Modi. She foulmouthed the Indian Prime Minister for having fake followers in the popular social media platform of Twitter.

Creating multiple social media accounts is a cognizable offence under IT Act; a fact which is ignored by Ramya, a social media officer herself, when she called upon the workers to create fake accounts to counter the opposition.

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By: Shah on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018