Mr Kejriwal, I recorded this Video When I Was Your Supporter. Now I Want to…

Here we present before a video that has been shared by an ex Aam Admi Party supporter, Manoj Singh. He is a YouTuber, blogger and RTI activist. Like all other current and past AAP Supporters, he too had bought the rosy dreams that Arvind Kejriwal sold on the name of ‘swaraaj’ (self-rule), new-kind-of-politics, honest-politics, etc.

When sharing the video on Twitter, Manoj Singh clearly says that he recorded the video when he was a supporter of Kejriwal but now, he just wants to slap him. Well, that’s how thousands of other AAP supporters feel today.

Cashing in on IAC’s popularity wave, Arvind Kejriwal did firmly position himself as an activist-turned-politician who many thought would be the next big thing to happen in Indian politics. If you watch the video shared by Manoj, you will understand just how he played with the gullible masses at that time.

Watch the video and see for yourself!


Its been a long time now. Has any such model been implemented? Has Kejriwal even kept his focus on Delhi? Has he delivered on any of the promises? Has he even once tried to make peace with the LG or central government for the good of people who voted him to power in Delhi? Has the democratic model been improved? 10 days? Are you kidding me?

By: KS Bharatiya on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

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