In collaboration with Google, Indian Railways to digitise its history and rich heritage

Google and Indian Railways has joined hands to digitise Railways’ history and rich heritage. Through the pilot project, Google Cultural Institute has already installed six video screens at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Station (CSTM) in Mumbai. These digital screens will provide a virtual tour to the passengers, showcasing the past of this age-old mode of transportation.

Although a virtual visit cannot replace the real experience, it can surely help people know about how Railways came into existence in the country. Moreover, it can also provide detailed information about art and culture of the national transporter.

Indian Railways began collecting the old pictures through this unique crowd-sourcing project. The department has commissioned Google to create a digital repository of Railways’ history and show the chunks of the past on various digital platforms.

Indian Railways has many iconic heritage assets, which include steam locos, bridges, artifacts, museums, and buildings. All these can be displayed on screens to help build a global audience and enlighten them about their legacy. To be precise, there are 34 museums, heritage galleries and heritage parks in India.

Besides that, there are 110 vintage coaches, 230 steam locomotives, and wagons at some specific places. Another highlighting feature is the built heritage that includes 25 bridges and 70 buildings. So, there is a vast amount of content to show to people and attract tourists from all over the globe.

With the help of technology, it will be a great opportunity for the country’s Railways to even promote itself and put their best foot forward to gain more tourists in India.

By: M Thakur on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017