Did the Chinese authorities know about Arunachal Pradesh incursion? Video shows details

In a spine chilling video from Arunachal Pradesh portraying the sudden Chinese incursion in the Tuting sector of the north-eastern state’s Siang district, it was showcased that not only were the civilians involved in a road building were involved in the massacre but even the Chinese Army and authorities had full knowledge of the same.

In an exclusive video by India Today, it was clearly seen that a barricade was built into the Indian territory out of boulders, wherein a stand took place between the Indian and the Chinese soldiers. While the Indian Army personnel could be seen asking to resolve the issue peacefully numerous times over, the PLA soldiers said that they cannot move from the point unless they receive orders from higher authorities.

Well, this proves that the PLA army along with the road building team and excavators were almost a kilometer into the Indian territory, with due knowledge of and permission from Beijing as well as the People’s Liberation Army.

Chinese troops entered Indian territory in December

Chinese troops entered Indian territory in December, confronted with Indian soldiers. Watch the exclusive video.#ITVideoWatch more videos at http://bit.ly/it_videos

Posted by India Today on 8 ಜನವರಿ 2018

It is to be noted here that this is not the first time that the Chinese authorities have literally crashed into the Indian side or even the Burmese side for that matter. A few months ago, the Dokhlam crisis also bordered around such infringement on the part of the Chinese personnel. As far as Arunachal Pradesh is concerned, it has always been Beijing’s desire to curb the state, to beget which they have tried venturing into the northeastern state numerous times over.

Such infringement has happened quite many times in McMohan Line in Upper Siang district but thanks to the awareness of the locals as well as the adeptness of the Indian Army, the incidents have been successfully averted.

By: Shah on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018