Bollywood celebs’ hypocrisy out in the open with Justin Bieber’s Concert

It was Rs 100 for a single water bottle in popular Justin Bieber’s India Concert. Yes, you saw it right! 100 rupees for a single water bottle…and our generous Bollywood celebrities’ who generally does not support splurging in Hindu Festivals, splurged enormously in the concert by attending it as VIPs and VVIPs in a massive number.

In the international artist Justin Bieber’s concert where water bottles were overpriced, the ticket prices were anyway exorbitant and good enough for burning an ordinary man’s pocket. And sadly the organizers did not fail to astonish us by putting a subsidy on the concert entry tickets as well.

The ticket categories for the concert were divided into Diamond (Rs 25,200), Platinum (Rs 15,400), Gold (Rs 10,080), Silver (Rs 7,700) and GA (Rs 4,060). But wait, what about the VIPs and VVIPs of the world?


This is how the different categories of VIP tickets were priced: VVIP 3: Rs 36,505; VVIP 2: Rs 58,030; VVIP 1: Rs 76,790.

Obviously the VVIPs list included our very own liberals and Bollywood celebrities who attended the concert by spending in outrageously. Yes, these are the same people who always make comments on the ordinary public of India for spending excessively on Hindu festivals and weddings. Well, they put in the great example by attending the concert in such huge number under the VVIP passes. Their presence says it all!

By: P Shah on Friday, May 12th, 2017

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