This Blunder of Rajiv Gandhi Was Bigger than Rahul’s ‘Potato Factory’

You have probably heard Rahul Gandhi’s speech during the UP elections when he promised a factory of potatoes to the people. The statement was widely made fun of, all over the social media, and rightly so. Here’s a link to the video.

But, did you know that Rajiv Gandhi, during the time he was campaigning for the Congress Party, sounded just like his son Rahul Gandhi? Well, here’s an incident that can leave you in splits.

On one occasion, Rajiv was campaigning among the farming community. These people used to grow chili pepper. Rajiv, from his trusted political friends in the area, came to know that red chili pepper is costlier than green chili pepper.

So, the PM candidate of Congress party, Rajiv Gandhi, in his speech asked people why they were growing ‘green’ chili pepper if it’s the red variety that can fetch them higher margins! He was asking people why they weren’t just growing the ‘red chili pepper.’

Now, who could at that point in time, tell Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister by default of birthright, that it’s the green chili pepper that turns red later!!

Had the Internet been around in late 1980s, Rajiv Gandhi perhaps would have had the same political history as his son Rahul.

Those who suspect whether Rajiv Gandhi really made such dumb statement, can read this.

By: kamal on Saturday, October 7th, 2017