Bharat Bandh: Congress’ Protest Against NaMo Turns Out To Be Something Awfully Pleasant

The Congress has called for a Bharat Bandh today pertaining to the sky rocketing prices of petrol and diesel. Notably, while the Congress had called a bandh for six hours, starting from 9 am in the morning, the CPI(M) had extended it to a 12 hours bandh, commencing from 6 am in the morning.

Speaking about this much-anticipated bandh earlier, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala had said that the main aim of the party will be to take to the streets of the country to highlight how the BJP have been looting the country over the past four years. He further said that it was the common people who were bearing the brunt of the same by paying exceedingly high prices for acquiring basic necessities such as cooking gas along with diesel, petrol, etc. While appealing to the other opposition parties to join them for the bandh, he had said:

The Congress party has decided that we will be giving a call for Bharat Bandh on September 10, Monday, in order to highlight the Rs 11 lakh crore fuel loot and to demand an immediate reduction in central excise duty as also excessive VAT in the state.

Now, while many of the opposition parties did not comply with their desires, there were many who sided with the Congress in this bandh. However, the main jolt came to the Congress party right in New Delhi, where the protesting Congress members instead of chanting Narendra Modi “murdabaad”, started chanting “Narendra Modi Zindabad”. Now, this is enough to prove how much niche has the Indian Prime Minister carved out in the hearts of the common men and women in the country.

Here’s a video from the incident where the women members of the party “mistakenly” started chanting slogans in favour of BJP. Also, do not forget to look at their reaction after they realize their flaut. Take a look at the video –

By: Shah on Monday, September 10th, 2018