Brave Lady Resists Bandh – Takes To Bengaluru Streets To Combat Congress

Amidst the sky-rocketing price hikes in basic necessities such as cooking gas along with the prices of petrol and diesel, the Indian National Congress has called for a nation wide strike today. Although the Congress had called for a 6 hour strike commencing 9 am, the CPI(M) joined in and called for a 12 hour strike, commencing 6 am, instead.

Although the issue deserves national awareness and major discussions, calling bharat bandh and putting a stop to the basic livelihood will purportedly solve nothing but mar a day’s worth of business. Since the Congress had called for alliance from all the opposition parties of India, many parties joined in making the Bharat Bandh a slight success in numerous regions of the country. This effect of this bandh had hit Karnataka capital and Indian IT hub Bengaluru as well, which is currently being ruled over by Congress-JD(S) alliance. Needless to say, the entire city suffered quite a big part of its daily income due to this strike.

Now, while the Congress goons were trying to put a halt to some sectors of the city today morning, there emerged a brave girl, who showcased great resilience and kept on chanting slogans in favour of Narendra Modi. Many people joined her as she said, “Narendra Modi ki jai” and lambasted the Congress members.

It might be noted here that the Congress men were trying to close the shops that were open for the day’s business. They were literally harassing the store-keepers when the lady jumped in to their aid and shouted in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi till she was joined by others. At a time, when people fear away from raising voices against any political atrocity, this woman became a hero today. Please watch this video below to know more about her encounter today morning-

By: Shah on Monday, September 10th, 2018