Arun Jaitely explains the need to have 12% tax on sanitary napkins

Since the day the Goods and Service Tax (or GST) has been imposed by the central government, criticism regarding it has been abound. While the section of commoners have embraced themselves with the GST, thinking it to be a milestone for Indian finance and governance, the opposition parties along with few sections of the media and “intellectuals” have not been quite akin to the changes made.

While the government, hearing the pleas of the common people as well as the opposition parties, lessened the pre-decided to a certain level, the taxes on sanitary napkins were not reduced. The tax has been decided to be 12 per cent.

Now considering the fact that most of the women in India do not have access to the sanitary napkins, this 12 per cent tax may just make it all the more impossible for the commoners to get hold of the same. That’s what general people like us think. But when the government could lessen heaves of taxes on other commodities, there must be some reason New Delhi did not lessen tax on sanitary napkins.

Journalists like Faye D’Souza almost wrecked havoc at this not understanding the reason that made the center do this. But what does the Union Ministry has to say about this? According to Finance Minister Arun Jaitely, this decision has been taken keeping in mind the benefit of the Indian sanitary napkin industry. Here’s a video where he talks in details about the need to impose 12 per cent tax on the same. Please watch it here –

Must Watch..Watch How Arun Jaitley Explained that 12% GST is must to save Indian Made Sanitary Napkins from Competition of Chinese Products & Some TV Anchors like Faye Dsouza wants Indian Made Sanitary Napkins Market Die .

Posted by Troll Indian Politics on 11 ಜನವರಿ 2018

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By: Shah on Thursday, January 11th, 2018