Armab Goswami roasts Rahul Gandhi on national TV – dissects RaGa’s art of losing all elections

The Indian National Congress may be one of the oldest parties of India but, clearly, the contemporary times have not been quite lucky for the grand ol’ Indian party. The reason behind this massive failure of Congress in India is firstly their lies and scams, and secondly, BJP led by PM Modi.

Since the tragic fall of Congress in 2014 and the subsequent dramatic win by the NDA or the National Democratic Alliance, things have not been pretty well for INC. Since that very day till now, the party has lost almost all the major elections held across the country, with every new day one scam or the other getting unearthed. Amid all these, Congress decided to change its party President – the “inevitable” choice was none other than Rahul Gandhi despite the presence of more experienced (and worthier than RaGa) Congress leaders being on board.

But did this change affect the scenario in any way? We afraid not! From losing elections in Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Tripura (among other states) to its incompetency in forming governments in Goa and Meghalaya (despite having good chances), Congress has seen rapid denigration in a handful of months under the leadership of the Gandhi scion. However, no one really had the guts of pinpointing fingers at him for all the losses except, of course, one person. And the person is firebrand journalist Arnab Goswami.

Goswami, in Republic TV, have been relentlessly roasting Rahul Gandhi for all the losses and the debates are way more than just brilliant. Watch a glimpse of how Arnab has dissected RaGa’s art of losing over the last few episodes:

Isn’t the video absolutely brilliant? Please give in your inputs on RaGa and his art of losing in the comments section below.

By: Shah on Monday, March 12th, 2018