Did You Know About The Ancient Indian Pendrive? Here’s How #InternetMahabharata Is Spreading…

Indian ministers and their IQs have always been under scanner. Time and again, they have resorted to statements which never made any sense and presented their theories on India which are bizarre to say the least. For instance, according to some, it was not Newton but Brahmagupta II who discovered the law of gravity. Also, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is actually lopsided and wrong.

The latest minister to join this funny bandwagon is none other than the newly elected Chief Minister of Tripura Biplab Deb. According to him, the Internet is doing nothing to India as it existed in ancient India as well – right from the days of Mahabharata. He spoke these and much more at a public event in Agartala. According to him, Dhritarastra – who was blind – would use “technology and satellite communication” to get regular updates about the Kurukshetra battle even when he would be nowhere near the battle scene.

Lo and behold! The statement was enough to make him a target of all trolls on the social media. Some people’s imagination regarding Mahabharata back in the days of Mahabharata deserves an applause. Here’s how they trolled the CM of Tripura –

Weren’t these trolls absolutely on point? What is your take on these as well as on CM Deb’s views? Please share your views with us in the comments section below.

Source: News18

By: Shah on Thursday, April 19th, 2018