Ancient India: Why do we touch the feet of elders?

In India, touching the feel of elders is an age-old practice. This is done to show respect to the elders or someone who is an inspiration to us. However, some people argue that feet should not be touched to convey respect as feet are unclean and why should one kneel down in front of anyone.

No matter what people believe in, but there are a number of reasons supporting this Indian tradition of touching the elders’ feet. As per an ancient theory, this gesture is not just to show respect but it’s also beneficial and meaningful.

Let’s find out why we touch elders’ feet in India:

Foundations for buildings

Just like a foundation of a building, the entire weight of a person is borne by the feet. The foundation is something that holds the entire building together. Moreover, when we touch elder’s feet, it is considered that our ego is automatically subdued in order to show respect. We often bend down to respect age, wisdom, achievements, and experiences of elders.

Increases blood circulation

When we bend to touch the feet our waist and shoulders automatically stretch. This way even our body muscles stretch and the strain on the muscles help in increasing blood circulation.

Seeking wisdom and experience

We don’t just touch the feet of anyone who is older. It is done only for spiritual masters, teachers, grandparents, parents, elder brothers and senior citizens. This is because these people have accumulated a lot of virtues, knowledge, and experience. So, they deserve such respect. Their feet are touched to seek wisdom and blessing as they are considered the ones who would truly give you their blessings.

A circuit of positive energy

It is believed that when we bend to touch the feet of elders, a circuit of positive energy is formed. This positive energy then flows from the feet of elders to the seeker in form of goodwill.

Right way to touch feet

To touch an elder’s fee, you have to bend down in front of them with back hunched while your arms must stretch forward to touch their feet. The right-hand must touch the right foot and the left-hand is supposed to touch the left foot. However, some also believe that the left hand should touch the right foot, whereas the right hand should touch the left foot. It depends on different cultural beliefs.

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By: M Thakur on Monday, December 4th, 2017