Amit Shah rocked, NDTV shocked

Pretending to be the vanguard of Fearless Journalism, NDTV now has been exposed amongst millions of Internet savvy Indians. For more than a decade, NDTV journalists and owners had a gala time serving the ruling coalition of INC and other parties. They churned out one conspiracy theory after another and remained loyal to their core audience – communists.

Come 2017, and there are reports doing rounds on the Internet that the NDTV has been caught in an alleged tax fraud and that the ownership of an ailing media house is being transferred to someone else. Finally, it seems that the nationalists have brought down NDTV, the greatest weapon of anti-Indian, Indian communists in 2000s.

Sample this: NDTV at first published the Jay Shah story with the only basis being the fabricated The Wire story. Their journalists shared the story everywhere including Twitter and Facebook.

BUT, after the news came that Jay Shah is going to sue The Wire and the author of the article (with a huge compensation claim of Rs. 100 cr), NDTV chose to quietly unpublish the story.

The story was available here. And has been removed now. Shown below is a screenshot of the story that NDTV copied (well mostly) from The Wire.

Here’s one crackpot from NDTV cheering after that:

To our amazement, even Barkha Dutt called NDTV a fake liberal.

It’s a different matter that she herself is a fake liberal. Barkha Dutt is scolding NDTV for not having followed their core motto – shoot in the dark with little or no facts, smear as much dirt on a person as possible, and then, maintain plausible deniability. But, the new bosses and editors at NDTV have probably begun to accept the fact that such tactics will not work any more.

Hard core communists at NDTV must be very very sad. Amit Shah Rocked, NDTV Shocked!

By: kamal on Thursday, October 12th, 2017