Amit Shah mocking and mimicking Rahul Gandhi is the best thing on Internet today

With the Karnataka Assembly elections knocking on the door, all the major parties in the state are gearing up to establish governance over the South Indian state. However, the main fight lurks between the ruling Congress and opposition BJP, which is clearly the better choice in this year’s election.

This is also the time when all the contesting parties are holding electoral campaigns and lectures on a roll. The Congress President is likewise seen mostly in Karnataka nowadays than anywhere else and for apt reason. But instead of talking anything worthwhile (he hardly knows what it is), he is hell-bent on criticizing the central government. At a recently concluded meeting in Karnataka’s Belgaum, the Congress scion was seen demanding an answer from the Central government as to what has been completed in the last four years.

Needless to say, this was criticized by many sections of the society with some people even taking to the social media to criticize RaGa. However, to all this, Amit Shah had the perfect reply.

In another electoral meeting in Bidar, Karnataka, the BJP President called out on Rahul Gandhi, telling him that before answering the question, the entire country would want to get an account of whatever had been done for the country by four generations of Gandhi clan on power.

This seems quite serious right? But no lecture of Amit Shah can be complete without a generous dose of humor. And this time, it came with a mimicry of Rahul Gandhi himself. Please watch the video yourself to get a hint of the famous Amit Shah-humor:

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By: Shah on Tuesday, February 27th, 2018