Huge jump in allowances for armed forces – Details here

In what seems to be a great show of gratitude and warmth, the Government of India has sought to double the allowance for officers and jawans serving the country at the mighty heights of the Siachen glacier, the world’s highest battle-field so far. Not just this, the central government has also increased the submarine allowance for soldiers serving the Indian Navy. Furthermore, New Delhi has also increased the rum allowance for the soldiers serving at the mighty heights.

The allowance for the soldiers serving at the Siachen glacier is Rs 21,000 a month for the officer category and Rs 14,000 per month for junior commissioned officers and jawans. So, this amount will almost double itself and come on Rs 42,500 for officers and Rs 15,000 for the JCOs.

The submarine allowance varied between different posts and ranged between Rs 13,500 and Rs 21,000 on a monthly basis. This has been increased and stipulated to a fixed Rs 25,000 per month. The sailors are also in for a great hike and will get Rs 17,500 flat on a monthly basis.

The Army personnel serving at other higher altitude areas, except the Siachen glacier, are also in for a hike. The officers will be entitled to Rs 25,000 a month, which is notches about the earlier Rs 16,500 remuneration. The equivalent figures for junior commissioned officers and jawans are Rs 17,300 and Rs11,200 respectively.

Even the commandos, who lead operational attacks, are in for this hike in their remuneration. The special forces officers will be entitled to an allowance of Rs 25,000 while the JCOs and men will get Rs 17,300. Now this is indeed a big leap from Rs 13500-21,000 for officers depending on rank and Rs 12,600 for JCOs and even less than Rs 11,00 for the others.

For those serving during counter-insurgencies, there has been a noticeable increase in allowance. The officers shall be entitled to an allowance of Rs 16,900 per month, which is way above the allowance till now that hovered between Rs 9450 and Rs 11,700 depending on their ranks. For JCOs and men, it is now Rs 9,700 per month, up from Rs 4,500-Rs 8,100.

Maintaining health at deadly altitudes require a generous dosage of rum, which is why they are given rum allowances. Till now, the allowances varied between Rs 240 and Rs 45 depending on the altitude levels. However, now, they have been upped to Rs 360 and Rs 68 per person respectively. Also, JCOs and jawans will receive Rs 45 per month for haircuts, which is notches above the stipulated Rs 30 and Rs 45 for soap from Rs 30.

Furthermore, post-graduate army men will receive Rs 2,250 as allowance per person, which has been increased from Rs 1,500. The officers will also get a dress allowance of Rs 20,000 per month since spit and polish being mandatory in the army while others will be entitled to Rs 10,000.

Source: TimesNowNews

By: Shah on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017