Watch: Afghan Army woman officers get training in India to fight Taliban back home

In a first, the Indian Army is seen donning the role of trainers to train women soldiers from a foreign country. As per reports, a group of 20 women soldiers from the Afghan Army have arrived in Chennai for a joint military training program. All the women soldiers are serving in combat role in the Afghanistan Army.

The training program, which began on December 4, will span over a period of 20 days. The women officers are undergoing hard training at the Officers Training Academy in the Tamil Nadu capital, which is also the only training center for ladies as well as gentlemen cadets in India.

While India is yet to allow women to serve in combat roles, two of the Indian Army women officers, who are also the co-ordinators of the training program, visualizes Indian women in combat roles in future. According to Major Sanjana JR:

Yes, I (will) definitely give a big yes…we should be given a fair opportunity in combat…all of us feel we could be in the forefront.

If Afghan lady officers are serving their nation in combat, then why not the Indian Army, one of the largest armies in the world.

Terming this training program as a “capsule”, Major Sanjana further said that this program encompasses around the major features of a one-year military training. And, therefore, the women officers from the Afghan Army are being trained in communication, firing, weaponry, tactics, logistics and even administration.

Wearing their traditional hijabs, these women officers have mostly joined the Army defying their own families and friends. They are guided by the sole motive of freeing their land from Taliban.  Here’s a glimpse of the rigorous training that they currently undergoing at the Officers Training Academy in Chennai:

The women officers also handled ambush situations in higher altitudes through classroom stimulation lessons and exercises. Apart from this, they are also provided training in computer proficiency.

Source: Zeenews

By: Shah on Thursday, December 14th, 2017