Advantages of Aadhar – Why are critics oblivious to its positive aspects even now?


India has been the world’s largest democratic country. However, despite being such an important country, India never had a common identity proof for its citizens. Although it was the erstwhile Central Government – the Indian National Congress – which was responsible in launching the gigantic Aadhar project, it failed miserably owing to its lack of planning and faulty implementation.

The concept of Aadhar was reduced to just a fancy no-work id card till the Narendra Modi government came and took over this matter to a whole new level. Today, Aadhar is India’s most important identity card that has all the important details of a person imbibed in it. It may be noted here that almost all the first-world countries, starting from USA to Singapore and even Malaysia, have it yet many Indians even now pinpoint at its supposed futility.

Till now, whenever any Indian had to get any bank account or some important work done – like getting a Ration Card or a Gas Connection – he or she would have to go through an extensive list of documents that needed to be produced. Now, Aadhar is the single solution to all these problems and no one should have any issue with that. But people do, still.

According to many, Aadhar has all your biometric details. Well, it is true but a proper photo id proof must have it all. On another note, let us remind you that if you are a user of Facebook and are acquainted with the online world properly, you would know that almost all the social media sites know your phone number, WhatsApp knows the tickets you recently purchased from Make My Trip for the upcoming holiday, Zomato/Swiggy/Nykaa knows your address and your online wallet – let’s say PayTM – knows your spending profile pretty well. So, if a valid government id has your biometrics detail, what’s the issue?

Earlier, middlemen used to drown you off your savings but now thanks to Direct Benefit Transfer through Aadhar, your savings reach your accounts directly. Is that wrong anyhow? If one keeps up with the news properly, he or she would know how the Aadhar saved a whopping Rs 57,000 crores for the government. That’s India’s money – money belonging to the Indian citizen. It should not be wrong in any way! What do you think?

Here’s a detailed video containing the advantages that one simple Aadhar Card has. Please go through it and comment below what you think about the id proof –

By: tivadm on Thursday, February 15th, 2018