Aaj Tak Editor Groped by RaGa Supporters at Night Vigil Protest!

A crime knows no religion. It is absolutely true – and a similar truth is that, it knows no distinction of political parties. However, a good political party is one which accepts its flaws and goes lengths to eliminate such people from its wings – no matter how important he or she is to the party.

In a previous article, we told you how Congress supporters had sexually molested their own leader Priyanka Gandhi at the night vigil against the Kathua rape case. Priyanka had to literally shout to keep them at bay.

Now, as it turns out, Priyanka was not the only one to have been attacked sexually. Mausami Singh, who happens to be the Associate Editor of Aaj Tak, was also sexually harassed at the same event by the same people. She was groped and lynched by the crowd at night – and Rahul Gandhi is all quiet.

Watch this video, where Mausami explains her horrid encounter at the vigil – which was supposed to be against a rape case.

Whatever you saw brings us to one question – where will one get justice if a platform, which is meant to be a shoutout against a rape, is full of people who cannot tackle their own lascivious intent? Should Rahul Gandhi not purify his own party first before venturing out to shout out against the government? What do you think? Please write down your thoughts in the comments section below.

By: Shah on Friday, April 13th, 2018