A great prediction of Veer Savarkar came true yesterday and it’s awesome

Yesterday, a political party that coined the term “Hindu Terror” and had its puppet Prime Minister and tainted Home Minister, use this term in Parliament and government’s official press conferences, was hell-bent on proving that its vice-president Rahul Gandhi is a Hindu.

The controversy began after Rahul Gandhi visited the historic Somnath Temple in order to persuade Hindus to vote for Congress in Gujarat assembly elections. It is the same Somnath Temple about which his grandfather and India’s first PM Nehru has said that his government should take no interest in the temple as it would amount to “revivalism of Hinduism.”

Pt Nehru had even asked then President R Prasad not to attend the inaugural function of the temple. When then President R Prasad defied Nehru, latter didn’t like it at all. Later on, when ex-president R Prasad died, Nehru asked the new president to avoid attending the funeral of R Prasad. Nehru was such a great man and so is Rahul Gandhi, the boy waiting to be a man, born with a silverspoon and peanut size brain, likely to head the grand old party simply by default of birthright.

As Rahul’s entry record at the temple’s visitor register suggested he was non-Hindu, social media users widely circulated the news. Congress was suddenly on the backfoot.

So, the congress party did exactly what Veer Savarkar had predicted decades ago. Having worked tirelessly for the cause of one Hindu identity, he had predicted that when Hindus unite and when Hindutva becomes mainstream, even congress leaders will begin vote wearing Janeu over their coats to get Hindu votes.

It’s amazing how Veer Savarkar could understand the DNA of the Congress Party even at that time.

Also, it’s interesting how Congress stooges in the media have been trying to project Khilzi (who desecrated Somnath) as some sort of economist and at the same time, working overtime to prove Rahul Gandhi as a Hindu.

Also note that a New York Times article from 1998 that says Rahul Gandhi is a Catholic remains unchallenged to this day.

Sure Mahadev has His own ways! Congress party’s secular hypocrisy is out in the open! 

By: kamal on Thursday, November 30th, 2017